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Executive Director

Company: Red Hook Community Center
Date Posted: April 24, 2018

Red Hook Community Center – Executive Director Job Posting

The Executive Director will work with the Board Of Directors to develop, plan, organize, implement, and evaluate a strategic plan for the Red Hook Community Center (RHCC), including the initiatives, programs and agenda.

The Executive Director ensures the quality of the RHCC's services and programs, and is responsible for coordinating communication with stakeholders and the larger community. Commitment to the work of furthering the growth and development of the young people, community members, and seniors served at RHCC is fundamental to the role.

The position will have a minimum 30-hours/week onsite with potential to increase hours in the future.


  • Acts as the spokesperson for organization to relate the mission and vision to stakeholders
  • Collaborates with the Board to develop and execute Board-approved policies
  • Directs and oversees short and long term strategic plans
  • Attends board meetings and provides support to the Board of Directors
  • Oversees effective and cost efficient programs
  • Supervises and collaborates with the Program Director to develop and implement operational plans, policies and goals, including facility use
  • Maintains official records and documents and ensures compliance with federal, state and local regulations
  • Maintains a working knowledge of developments and trends in the field
  • Sees that the board is kept fully informed regarding the organization and environment


  • Leads the fundraising and resource development planning efforts of the RHCC, and in collaboration with the Board of Directors ensures that the RHCC secures the necessary resources to meet its institutional advancement goals and objectives
  • Works with Board to create and execute a strategic fundraising plan that supports organizational growth through a mix of individual, corporate, foundation, government, and event revenue streams
  • Expands and maintains fundraising activities to support and grow existing programs


  • Ensures that financial goals are achieved and operating expenses are within budget
  • Works with the board in the preparation of the annual budget
  • Ensures that financial controls are met


  • Supervises and develops staff to create a well working team
  • Helps Board in creating SOP's for all positions and responsibilities, including, but not limited to volunteer positions


  • Ability to plan strategically and follow through with long range goals and discrete tasks
  • Understanding of budget and financial systems, ability to develop and report on income and expenses for the organization
  • Ability to network effectively and build a wide range of stakeholders and supporters within the community
  • Strong and support staff management skills
  • Should have related experience in writing and editing grants and managing major funding campaigns
  • Is organized and deadline oriented
  • Flexible and cooperative approach to problem solving
  • Maintains a positive attitude that encourages participation and enthusiasm
  • Good listening and communication skills, respects other people’s viewpoints and skills, willingness to compromise and collaborate
  • Values diversity and helps to create an organizational culture that appreciates and respects differences
  • Displays integrity, self confidence, persuasiveness, decisiveness and creativity
  • Ability to work with computer systems Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, other donor tools and the ability to learn and use other software tools