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Top 15 inspiring & behind-the-scenes snapshots from Instagram using #afpICON & #afpmeet!

April 15, 2013

For those of you Instagramming your hearts out at conference using #afpICON or #afpmeet, we’ve compiled some of the “can’t miss” pics into one place so you can reminisce over your conference experience, or see what you may have missed out on! 

1.)   fundraisinginitiatives - Looking forward to great sessions, visiting with old friends and lots of tweeting! #AFPICON


2.)   jessabell23 - AFPI Conference Welcome Party hosted by our San Diego Chapter! #afpicon #afpeeps #sandiego


3.)   julielefils - Met with a group of great students from #fressnostate #apicon #afpmeet


4.)   mrsjrhoades - #afpeep made it to the big screen at #afpicon


5.)   sdconventinoctr - Take a peek into the #afpicon floor


6.)   shelleyrlee - John Legend at the International Fundraising Convention. Awesome! #afpihq #afpmeet #johnlegend #afpicon


7.)   tammyzonker - @seattledrury discussing the critical partnership between Chief Financial Office @ Chief Philanthropy Office #afpicon #afpmeet


8.)   dworkes - #AFPeeps at #afpicon Tweet-up


9.)   jessabell23 – So inspired and moved after hearing from young philanthropists at the AFP International Conference who work to end poverty, improve global healthcare and fight for social justice. This is Emmanuel Jal, a hip-hop artist, performing his song Emma, dedicated to the woman who rescued him from being a child soldier in South Sudan. He is now a humanitarian advocate for social justice and human rights. He also performed his song We Want Peace, which was part of his Global Peace Campaign. #afpicon #afpeeps


10.)   afpihq - All four of our young philanthropists - talk about a powerful bunch!! #afpicon


11.)   davethecfre – How many peeps can you count in the photo as @pmferrer models the latest in #afpeeps fashion? #afpicon


12.)   aivlysweetie - Thank you so much for this amazing learning opportunity and experience! #afpeeps #afpmeet #afpicon


13.)   cjabie - Filming with #theagsafeexperience girls! Final day, final film, travelogue of their whole experience coming soon! #afpicon

IG ag safe

14.)   mrsjrhoades - More flair #afpicon


15.)   dworkes - #afpicon is over. time to get to work with all that new inspiration.