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Newsletter: Edition 1, Volume 19

Thanks for Being the Cause!

2018 Chamberlain ScholarsTo friends of the AFP NE WI Chapter:

I'd like to again thank the Chapter and all of you who so generously support the chapter through membership and the Be The Cause campaign, for awarding me the Chamberlain Scholarship and making it possible for me to attend the AFP International Conference.

It was such a valuable opportunity for me and my organization, and I’m most grateful for our chapter’s investment and trust. I’d welcome any chance to pay it forward! If any of my chapter friends have questions regarding the conference, materials/learnings, or applying for the scholarship, I’d be happy to share about the experience. Please reach out at any time: or 920.702.6789.

Thank you!


** Photograph is of the 2018 Chamberlain Scholars from around the country, including Trina, at the AFP International Conference in April.